Website Solutions


It is the introduction of a publicity information belonging to institutions or persons on the internet which is obligatory in this age. By using a website, you can share your information with the most economical way to much larger masses (all over the world). Your website will actually be your vision. Those who visit your site will have more detailed information about your products and services or information about your firm. Your company, which has completed your corporate identity, will have a greater meaning with your website.

Time’s Pole has the following website types;

  • Business and Institution Website
  • Estate Website
  • Personal (Individual) Website
  • Portfolio Website
  • Photo Website
  • News and Magazine Website
  • Community Website
  • Blog Website
  • Hidden (Your Content is Hidden) Website
  • Game Website
  • Forum Website
  • Auction Website
  • Banking Website
  • File Sharing Website
  • Governmental Website
  • Job Tracking Website
  • Business Directory Website
  • Question & Answer Website
  • Profit-Free or Religious Website
  • Multilingual Website
  • Discount Coupon Website
  • Data Bank (wiki) Website
  • Podcast Website
  • Partnership Website
  • School & College Website
  • Search Engine Website

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