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Electronic commerce or “e-commerce” is usually defined as buying goods and / or services on the internet. It is possible to see virtual stores or virtual shopping centers on every website, especially today’s hot topic. In addition to e-commerce, product and service purchase / sale activities being carried out by computer networks, (Marketing), providing customer support (in all stages of sales), commercial and logistics communication between commercial institutions and customers, and also providing global network of computer networks. Besides, it is a system that facilitates the management of the company.

Benefits of e-commerce;

  • The company creates a 24/7 open space on the internet where customers can submit information.
  • Time is saved when data is transferred in the electronic environment in seconds.
  • More product options are available for the customer.
  • Your virtual store can reduce your financial burden.
  • The supplier does not need to stock, because the inventory and cost information is in the electronic environment. So you know how much of your product you have, and how many of these products you sell.
  • It allows the supplier to create a virtual shopping center on the internet without the need for a major office.
  • In a global environment such as the Internet, damage does not occur due to inflation because there will not be easy easy fluctuation.
  • It is a platform that can offer detailed information about products.
  • Make sales by product demand by keeping it in stock.
  • The ability to find customers is high not only in the region where it operates, but in the entire world.

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